2013 in {Instagram} Photos: Week 11 + 12

IMG_7036   IMG_7059   IMG_7077

IMG_7087   IMG_7095   IMG_7108

1. First sink bath…my heart cannot take this cuteness!! 2. Trampoline hair. 3. Sweet boy found his tootsies in the bath tub tonight! 4. Love this view. (Don’t worry, we are parked) 5. It’s been forever since we have been to the library. 6. Thank you #gapbaby for all the whale stuff this season, especially these adorable swim trunks. Jonah is all set for this summer and next.

IMG_7112   IMG_7116   IMG_7120

IMG_7122   IMG_7128   IMG_7132

IMG_7147   IMG_7148   IMG_7158

1. Favorite part of my day so far. He doesn’t nap on me very much anymore, but he has decided today that he wanted extra momma cuddles. 2. This round face has my heart. 3. Having so much fun experimenting with milk paint. Thanks @shabbechic for the fun class!! 4-6. SO much fun painting with friends! 7. Freddy’s ice cream birthday celebration with @saramacphotography! Happy birthday Sara! 8. Someone loved the ice cream! 9. Finally getting around to making some baby food for the baby. I love the book #babylove! I made peas too. #organic#applesauce

03.10.2013 – 03.23.2013

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