2013 in {Instagram} Photos: Week 7 + 8

IMG_6559   IMG_6567   IMG_6575

IMG_6584   IMG_6595   IMG_6597

IMG_6601   IMG_6609   IMG_6610

IMG_6628   IMG_6629   IMG_6631

1. Back to square one for this guy. He felt better for two days…not sure what is going on. 2. Best buds.          3. Celebrating Justin’s baby brother tonight! 4. Sawyer’s cake smash is finally happening now that everyone is feeling better. 5. Loving these jammies! 6. Her valentines are all ready to take to school Thursday. 7. Love little friends. Hudson is 3 weeks younger, but probably 3 inches longer! 8. Excited for their annual vday breakfast! 9. Cliché heart pancakes of course! 10. Jocelyn with her Valentine, Noah. 11. Vday party at school. 12. Sweet mail from an even sweeter friend!

IMG_6654   IMG_6658   IMG_6664

IMG_6667   IMG_6680   IMG_6683

IMG_6696   IMG_6701   IMG_6740

1. Got the new restraint installed in the bumbo and Jonah is now enjoying it for the first time. Can’t believe he is already this big! 2. Painting is my stress relief! 3. This guy had his 4 month appointment today. 4. So grateful for inspiring friends! This awesome iHelp chore chart was @daciaann‘s idea! 5. We are SNOW excited! And I’m cheesy. 6. The kids and I got to make snow ice cream today!! 7. Got to build a snowman with daddy! And don’t judge Jackson’s snow outfit 😉 8. What I woke up to this morning. Someone is ready to play in the snow! 9. This sweet guy is building us a bed. I’m in charge of sanding and painting. We make a good team!

02.10.2013 – 02.23.2013

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