2013 in {Instagram} Photos: Week 5 + 6

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1. Both of them are getting so big! 2. I already think we’ve gotten our money’s worth out of this thing in just this month. Loving all of these beautiful days! Kids are loving jumping with@saramacphotography 3. I think they are hoping for some more rain. 4. Love this chubby little thing! 5. Love my new salt & pepper shakers!  6. Two cake smashes this week! Getting the icing the right color is the hardest part!

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1. Big kids are at Mammaw’s and Justin went to work this morning, so Jonah and I got to sleep in! Momma needed it and I guess he did too. I had to wake him up! 2. He already loves to look at books! And those cheeks melt me. 3. I might have a problem, but another cake stand, and I couldn’t pass up this cookie jar!     4. Working on folding all the treat toppers I made for Jocelyn. They will be stapled to bags filled with Hersey’s hugs and kisses. 5. His will have mints in the bags. Ha although none of his friends can eat mints yet.            6. Jackson’s will have pop rocks. 7. Two sick, pukey kids. 8. Homemade chicken noodle soup cures everything, right? 9. Where do they learn this?? Ha!

01.27.2013 – 02.09.2013