2013 in {Instagram} Photos: Week 3 + 4

IMG_6354   IMG_6361   IMG_6369

IMG_6378   IMG_6395   IMG_6402

1. Jackson said hi momma and I turn around to see this. Waving with socks on his hands. Such a goof!#futureclassclown 2. My three little loves ❤❤❤ 3. Having a jammie day today and playing trains while we eat a late snack. 4. Snowmen on a stick. 5. Having fun jumping with her buddy Drew. 6. Love how much energy she burns on this thing!

IMG_6405   IMG_6420   IMG_6431

IMG_6432   IMG_6439   IMG_6453

1. We got another nice day! 2. Tomorrow’s cake smash is sock monkey themed! 3. Jonah likes his new friends! 4. These are adorable! 5. Really dark, but Justin is teaching the kids to play some old school Mario. 6. Someone loves his puppy! Thanks@daciaann!!!

01.13.2013 – 01.26.2013

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