2013 in {Instagram} Photos: Week 1 + 2

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1. First attempt at making a giant cupcake. I will be making these for my cake smash sessions if the client wants it. Ha learned a lot and hopefully the next one will look better. 2. The kids seemed to like it! 3. Daddy is working late so we are enjoying leftovers tonight. 4. Today she asked me what it meant to be stylish. I love all the questions being four brings! 5. Facetiming with Mammaw and Grandpa. 6. Gave him two cookies: one for him and one for his sister. He had different plans.

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1. He is all little boy. Plays hard, sleeps hard. 2. Ready for her first day back to school! 3. Loving his new trains and tracks. 4. Carter’s has the cutest line of whale outfits right now. I can’t resist! 5. Got some great deals at the cottage this morning! 6. Justin is building a kissing booth for some valentine minis I am doing. Can’t wait to paint it with miss mustard seed’s milk paint. Found it at #thecottagecollective. 7. First cake smash for 2013 is happening tomorrow. Lots to do to prepare. 8. All ready for Malia tomorrow. 9. My hubby rocks! He built us this fun little booth for our mini sessions. I still need to sand and paint and distress and decorate 🙂

01.01.2013 – 01.12.2013

And just for fun, wanted to share some from the cake smash and my finished kissing booth.

Malia (01) web   Malia (36) web

Booth-1 web