2012 in {Instagram} Photos: Week 51 + 52

IMG_5978   IMG_5984   IMG_5987

IMG_5991   IMG_5995   IMG_5998

IMG_6012   IMG_6015   IMG_6019

1. We made Christmas crunch for all her teachers. 2. Christmas party at gymnastics.                                      3. @saramacphotography your Christmas gift is done. 4. I printed my year in review. 5. Thank you @saramacphotography for the adorable present dress! 6. Love these watercolors from target! 7. He is getting so big!! 2 months old. 8. Love my new camera strap from a sweet friend who knows me SO well :)         9. Third batch in the last three days. Glad I haven’t eaten all of it!

IMG_6024   IMG_6033   IMG_6035

IMG_6039   IMG_6042   IMG_6051

IMG_6058   IMG_6071   IMG_6074

1. Every child is sleeping! #happymomma 2. Christmas party in KC. 3. He ❤s Harvey. 4. Christmas reunion with my college friends. 5. Milk coma. 6. ❤ this city! 7. Trying to wake up. Goodness his cheeks are chubby! 8. Lunch at Quinton’s. A favorite here in Lawrence while we were in college. Miss this town! 9. My fave: potato soup in a bread bowl

IMG_6078   IMG_6086   IMG_6087

IMG_6107   IMG_6108   IMG_6122

IMG_6128   IMG_6129   IMG_6137

1. My awesome hubby is getting the kids’ Christmas gift all set up on this very cold day! He also has a fever, but he is determined! 2. All ready to go and I tested it out! So fun!! Ha, it might be covered in snow tomorrow though! 3. Gifts from sweet friends! 4. Opening one of their three gifts from us. Christmas jammies! 5. He loves his Christmas jammies. 6. Waiting for his brother and sister to wake so he can open his stocking.         7. They love the trampoline, but it is freezing! 8. She had to jump though. 9. Love my new instax!

IMG_6145   IMG_6151   IMG_6157

IMG_6161   IMG_6199   IMG_6207

1. Our turkey fryer (Justin) is sick so my dad had to do it. Looks awesome! 2. The Instax makes a great birthday card in a pinch. 3. Fun from Katie’s 2nd birthday today. 4. We are loving their Christmas gift…it might have been a little bit for me too. 5. Oh Jonah, you couldn’t be any cuter. 6. Daddy’s barber shop.

12.16.2012 – 12.31.2012

Happy New Year!!

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