Christmas Eve 2012

My Mom and Dad came to celebrate Christmas with us this year. I love having the kids wake up in our own house on Christmas morning. When I was growing up, we were always traveling, so it has been really nice that we’ve been able to do this with them. Justin spent the afternoon setting up the kids big gift in the backyard. It was really cold, and he was sick, with a high fever and cough. I told him he was crazy and needed to rest, but he insisted. Such a good daddy! We were planning on going to Christmas Eve service, but stayed home since Justin was not feeling great. He was pretty much in bed from Sunday night – Thursday morning (minus opening gifts and setting up the kids gift). I was really sad he missed out on a lot. This was such a fun age for Jackson and Jocelyn! We stick to the three present thing, but Nana and Papa spoil them. They had fun. Christmas Eve, we always open one gift, which is their Christmas jammies. I was able to find the kids all matching ones this year at Children’s place. They looked so cute.

untitled-0017 copy

untitled-0020 copy

untitled-0029 copy

 untitled-0037 copy   untitled-0038 copy

untitled-0031 copy

Photos from Christmas coming soon, although I didn’t get a lot, because I had a headache. Hence the glasses.

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