Jonah: two months

Jonah went in for his two month check up on Monday. He weighed 11 pounds, 8 ounces (43%), was 22 inches long (15%), and his head circumference was 39 cm (25%). I think they are having a terrible time getting these measurements correct, because his head must have shrunk or they mismeasured it last time. He also had 3 shots and an oral vaccine. Jocelyn did not like seeing him get shots. It broke her heart, but they gave her and Jackson a coupon for free ice cream which made it all better!

 Jackson and Jocelyn’s stats at 2 months

Here is his monthly photo

untitled-0147 web

and some of Jonah’s friends born right around when he was came to get their photos too.

babies web

Jonah is now sleeping from around 9 PM – 7:30 AM only waking up once to nurse, which means I am getting some pretty good sleep (when I actually go to bed early). He naps about three times a day too. I am trying to get his and Jackson’s afternoon nap on the same schedule, so I can have some time to rest or do fun things with Jocelyn. He has done pretty good this week. He is full or smiles and loves to chat. He loves when Jocelyn plays pat a cake with him; he doesn’t stop smiling!

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