Jocelyn’s 4th Birthday Party

We celebrate birthdays with a fun breakfast every year. This year we went out for donuts before her party.  She and Jackson chose the cookie monster donut

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I found her this fun shirt at Old Navy, so we did a mini photo shoot outside the donut shop!

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Afterwards, we headed to get some last minute items for the party and then headed there. So happy Justin could take a few hours off work that morning to help us out.  We rented the playroom at our Parents as Teachers building and it was super fun (& only $12/ hour). They got to play and then enjoy pizza and cupcakes.

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Jocelyn got to share her party this year with her buddy, Graham, who turned three. They have been buddies since Graham was born, and his mommy happens to be one of my best buds! He was due on her first birthday, but was born on December 2nd.

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Jackson didn’t think Graham was blowing his candle out quick enough, so he decided to help! Ha, sorry Graham!

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April, our babies are growing too fast Sad smile

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The icing turned their tongues blue and pink

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Jackson telling us he is two and Chase smiling big for me

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Jocelyn with her best bud (& future hubby Winking smile) Noah and my messy boy.

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Jocelyn had a blast with her friends. Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate Graham and Jocelyn’s birthdays with us!