2012 in {Instagram} Photos: Week 46 – 50

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1. Sunday morning snuggles. 2. So much to do, but these boys wanted to snuggle their momma. 3. This little guy gave me a bunch of real smiles just now. How was I not able to capture just one?!?! This was as close as I got. 4. Love the cute juice glasses we got from the target dollar bin. 5. Not sure how I’d get my before dinner shopping done without the help of the car cart and cookies at Dillons! 6. Jackson has the sweetest little voice. Love when he says, "Me hold him" and "hi Jonah" He adores his new brother!

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1. Having so much fun in all the leaves. 2. Wide eyes. 3. They got to see Santa today and have their picture taken. 4. Shopping for stuff to put in Operation Christmas child shoeboxes.  5. OCC boxes packed. 6. He helped us too!

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1. Happy Thanksgiving!! 2. They loved the parade! 3. He doesn’t need any thanksgiving turkey to take a nap. 4. Daddy brought us to the Big Tool store to Black Friday shop. We have already been to Lowe’s too. Jonah and I are bored. 5. He is loving Target! 6. Tree is up and this little girl is a great decorator!

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1. This kids loves Jay Jay. 2. He loves to make people laugh!#futureclassclown 3. Celebrating a special little girl’s fourth birthday with breakfast donuts! 4. Ready for the parade and hoping to see Santa! 5. Goodness she is cute! We celebrated her birthday with family today. 6. Jocelyn invited us to her school Christmas program with this adorable card! #neverthrowingthisaway

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1. Thankful for friends who know you have sick kids and they stop by with lunch! 2. December is the best month for mail! I love getting all of these cards with picture of my beautiful friends and family! 3. Excited I finished my Christmas card holder. Still don’t think it’ll be big enough though! 4. Everyone was happy to see Santa this year! And yes they are in their jammies. 5. Jackson ❤s Mickey!! 6. I fell asleep on the couch last night and don’t remember coming to bed and I forgot to turn the monitor up, so guess who slept through the night in his crib (for all I know). I feel terrible, but I think he forgives me! #totalmommyfail

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1. Helping momma decorate cookies earlier today. 2. So excited for this super awesome baby gift!! 3. They were very excited they both earned ribbons tonight! 4. Love this photo of her! 5. It’s a good thing I love my friends, because this is not something I would ever paint just for fun. 6. Isn’t he the sweetest?! 7. Christmas party with the girls tonight. 8. Big kids are at Mammaw + Grandpa’s this weekend, so I got to enjoy a little nap already and Justin brought me some brunch in bed. Ha I love the pink tray he found me.  9. Singing Christmas songs with daddy makes him happy!

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