Trimming the tree

We normally try to put up and decorate the Christmas tree the Sunday after Thanksgiving, but that Saturday was free and I couldn’t wait. The kids were excited too. This was the first time Jackson helped and he did pretty good, although he did want to play with some of the ornaments Smile

untitled-0663 copy  untitled-0683 copy

untitled-0650 copy

Each year, we get the kids a new ornament for the tree. This year I let Jocelyn choose her own and I picked one out for Jackson that I knew he’d love! I also got Jonah one, but I doubt he cared what it looked like.

Jackson got a surfing penguin and Jocelyn got Perry the platypus

untitled-0700 copy untitled-0712 copy

and Jonah got a baby’s first Christmas one, but I forgot to get a picture of it. Love making these memories with the kids!