Jonah: rest of the hospital stay

I have a TON more random photos to share from the hospital…Enjoy!

Day two…Tamara came by for a few more photos

Photo credit: T McKee Photography

Photo credit: T McKee Photography   Photo credit: T McKee Photography

and he passed his hearing test

untitled-0084 copy

untitled-0087 copy

untitled-0126 copy  untitled-0137 copy  untitled-0144 copy

untitled-0150 copy   untitled-0185 copy

sweet gifts from sweet friends

untitled-0196 copy   untitled-0198 copy

Day three…began with a party, complete with cake, singing, and a birthday candle!

untitled-0008 copy   untitled-0011 copy

untitled-0021 copy   untitled-0022 copy

untitled-0003 copy   untitled-0026 copy   untitled-0029 copy

untitled-0030 copy   untitled-0031 copy

untitled-0037 copy

Could not believe all of that dark hair!

untitled-0044 copy  untitled-0046 copy  untitled-0082 copy

Meeting a new friend, Emmett!

untitled-0095 copy

Ready to head home…he wasn’t too sure about the car seat!

 untitled-0103 copy   untitled-0105 copy

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