Jonah’s Birth Story

This will be a post that consists of a couple parts since I have lots of photos to share. Bare with me, this is mostly so I can remember this special day and someday Jonah will be able to read it. Thanks to my friend Tamara for coming up to the hospital twice that day and getting some of these images for us!

We arrived at the hospital at 6:00 Monday (10/15) morning for my scheduled induction and by 7, I was in my room, all hooked up with Pitocin started.

Photo credit: T McKee Photography  Photo credit: T McKee Photography

  Since I was only dilated to 1/2 cm, they sped things up a little bit with a Foley catheter. Uncomfortable, but got me to a 3 by 10:00. And then we waited…

Jonah Birthday-18 web

Jonah Birthday-16 web

Around 11:30, I had made it to a 4. Although the contractions were still bearable, I went ahead and got the epidural around noon, knowing from past experience, I would get to a 10 within a couple hours. By 2:30 I was to a 10 and the doctors were ready to have me push. As I pushed, I joked with Justin that this was by far the least painful labor I have experienced and that something was probably going to go wrong. After pushing through 5 contractions, the doctor knew that the baby was not going to come out that way. I tend to carry all my kids sunny side up and since the baby’s cord was around its neck, he wasn’t able to turn him. Around 3pm, I was rushed off for an emergency C-section. I wasn’t scared, because I knew my doctor was amazing and was doing what needed to be done. Justin did seem a little nervous, but I can’t imagine having to watch my significant other go through major surgery. He did great though letting me know what was happening and 12 minutes later, our baby was here! Justin whispered in my ear, “It’s a BOY!” and I said, “I knew it!” We still weren’t sure of a name right away. They got him all cleaned up and Justin got some photos while I got stitched up.

   Jonah Birthday-19 web   Jonah Birthday-21 web

Jonah Birthday-22 web

    Jonah Birthday-23 web   Jonah Birthday-24 web

After I was all fixed up, they rolled us back to our room, where Jonah had a bath and we had some skin time and I nursed. We had no problems nursing and he is still doing great. Tamara came in and got some more photos for me. I was still very groggy and super tired.

 Photo credit: T McKee Photography   Photo credit: T McKee Photography 

Photo credit: T McKee Photography

Photo credit: T McKee Photography

And then my other two babies got to come in and meet their new brother. Jocelyn was super excited to show him the bear she made him. Photo credit: T McKee Photography

She was a little disappointed she didn’t get a sister, but was still excited to meet Jonah! and Jackson was excited too Smile

Photo credit: T McKee Photography   Photo credit: T McKee Photography

They loved the big sister/ big brother bags I made them. So glad to have all of these photos, because I don’t remember much of this.  Looks like Jackson dove right into that applesauce…typical Smile

Photo credit: T McKee Photography

Thank you Tamara for taking these. So blessed you are in our lives and that you could be there to help document Jonah’s special day!

Photo credit: T McKee Photography

Photo credit: T McKee Photography 

More photos from the hospital coming soon Smile

2 thoughts on “Jonah’s Birth Story

    • Jen says:

      aww Betsy, thank you so very much! such a very special day! saw Gail’s post and remembered I needed to write mine. Wish I could write like that girl, but at least I got it all down 🙂

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