Jackson’s two year old stats & Jonah’s first doctor appointment

We took Jackson and Jonah in to the doctor a week and a half ago (October 18th). Jackson for his two year old appointment and Jonah for his first doctor appointment.

At two years, Jackson was 31.5 pounds (85%) and 34 inches (38%). Jocelyn’s stats here. And here are some photos of Jackson I forgot to share. Such a handsome boy!

untitled-0900 copy

untitled-0905 copy

And at three days, Jonah was 7 pounds, 11 ounces (40%) and 18.5 inches (9%). Well turns out the nurse totally mis-measured him. She weighed him with his diaper on and wrapped in a blanket. When she left we weighed the blanket and it was about 5 ounces, so we are guessing with the diaper he was around 7 pounds, 5 ounces. And when she measured his height, she put him right against the plexi glass and the ruler did not start there, it started 3/4” down, so he was really the same as when he was born 19.25 inches. We go back in tomorrow for his two week appointment, so hopefully we will get more accurate stats!

Jonah before his first appointment, doing what he does best!

untitled-0109 web

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