Happy 2nd Birthday Jackson!

We had such a fun day Yesterday celebrating Jackson’s 2nd birthday and I spent most of the day wondering if the other one would make its appearance. The baby decided it wanted its own birthday and I guess is staying put until tomorrow morning when I am induced. For breakfast, Jackson got to enjoy some of Nana’s homemade cinnamon rolls and only wanted to blow the candle out 10 times.

Jackson 2nd Birthday-2 copy

After breakfast, we headed to Chuck E. Cheese for some pizza and games. Jackson loved chasing Chuck E. anytime he came out and playing the frog game was his favorite!

Jackson 2nd Birthday-31 copy

Jackson 2nd Birthday-37 copy

We then headed back home to have some cupcakes and open presents. Nana and I threw together a last minute party and invited over some friends and family. Thank you all for coming to celebrate this sweet little man’s special day!

Jackson 2nd Birthday-16 copyJackson 2nd Birthday-1 copy

He hates having dirty hands and I caught him a few times leaning over to bite his cupcake. Cracks me up, because I guess his daddy was the same way!

Jackson 2nd Birthday-65 copy

He loved opening his presents when his sister wasn’t taking over!

Jackson 2nd Birthday-72 copy  I wanted to get a few photos with the kids before we welcome the new one, so Nana took some for us!

Jackson 2nd Birthday-23 copy

We even got Justin to be in one Smile

untitled-0143 web

Happy 2nd Birthday Jackson!

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