2012 in {Instagram} Photos: Week 40 & 41


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1. Cousins rocking 2. Love seeing all the baby announcements at the dr. 3. She wanted a photo with the pumpkins at Wal-Mart. 4. Jocelyn and I made some fun fall trail mix today to share with friends + teachers.      5. 10 batches of cream cheese potato soup in the works! Ha, only 8 more to go 🙂 should have started earlier!  6. So fun seeing how much we have grown 🙂 11w vs. 38w

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1. Excited I found a warm shirt in my closet that fits over my big belly!! Baby should be here sometime this week! 2. crib cards 3. Last doctor appointment today!!! Should have this baby in my arms this week! And I can’t wait to be able to see my feet again. 4. Bags are packed. 5. Sweet hubby set up the bassinet! 6. No baby this week unless it comes on its own. Scheduled to be induced on Monday!!

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1. Not sure if I will be in the hospital on his birthday (Saturday), so we went to build a bear today to celebrate. 2. Jocelyn made one for her new baby brother or sister. 3. We survived the pumpkin patch this morning with Jocelyn’s preschool. 4. She had so much fun! 5. Jackson had a blast trying to keep up with the big kids.        6. Her dress came @saramacphotography!!

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1. Can’t believe Jackson will be 2 tomorrow and we still have no baby! 2. Date night at church with my boy tonight 🙂 watching the new veggie tales that comes out Tuesday! 3. Party prep for a maybe party happening tomorrow. 4. All ready for Nana’s cinnamon rolls! I was in labor two years ago today…wishing I was again right now! 5. Past due and I’m a little nervous you will be a big baby! 40w2d. 6. Someone loved blowing out the candle! 7. Birthday lunch @ Chuck E. Cheese. 8. He loves this fire truck @aunruh. 9. Happy birthday little man!! He LOVED his dessert at Olive Garden!

09/30/2012 –10/13/2012

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