Scarecrow Crunch

I saw a link to a fun recipe on Pinterest for a Fall trail mix called Scarecrow Crunch. I tweaked it a bit to my liking and Jocelyn and I made up a big batch today to pass out to friends and teachers for the start of Fall Smile I thought the name was cute, so I kept it!

untitled-0156 copy

We put it in mason jars, put the lid on and then put the cupcake liners (found at Wal-mart) upside down over the lid before screwing on the ring.

untitled-0146 copy 2

I then hand-stamped Scarecrow Crunch to a 1” circle and tied it around the jars with some tulle.

untitled-0165 copy

A fun, easy thing to make with your kids AND you can bless someone else’s day!

Here is our recipe:

· 1 bag of caramel bugles

· 4 cups tiny twist pretzels

· 1/2 bag candy corn

· 1 box caramel popcorn

· 1 bag Fall colored Mnms

· 1 pound dried pineapple bites

· 2 cups roasted peanuts

· 2 cups chocolate cheerios

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