2012 in {Instagram} Photos: Week 38 & 39

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1. Hard to tell, but this is the babe’s face. I am measuring 2 weeks early, baby is already is 7 pounds, 4 ounces and transverse! {update: this was at 37 weeks, baby flipped down}. 2. This month is full of parties! 3. Gift from an Instagram friend. 4. Mission accomplished. 5. Thank you @sarahboutwell for the sweet gift! 6. Jackson’s first game of putt putt. He loved it!

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1. Mommas helper. My flowers aren’t looking too great. I always kill my plants! 2. She rarely naps, but I sure love it when she does! 3. Thanks for the pic Hun! Ha painting our office! 4. Cheap help…2 weeks to finish this room before nana and papa arrive. 5. Finishing up sewing Jackson’s big bro bag for the hospital 🙂 almost time!! 18 days until due date. 6. I know we don’t know what we are having yet, but I can’t resist airplanes 🙂 thank you Walmart! 7. Ha I also can’t resist these Fall cookies! Neither can the kids. 8. Pretty sure I swallowed a pumpkin 😉 15 days til due date! 9. Just got done painting my office with my BFF. So thankful for her help and painting "skills"!!! Love you @aunruh.

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1. Jocelyn got him out of bed this am, took his pull up off, helped him go potty, and then continued to get him dressed. Such a proud momma! 2. So thankful for Cathy!!! She came over and cleaned my kitchen, mopped my floors and cleaned my bathroom!! And also excited for my new cleaning cloths. These might actually put me into nesting mode. 3. Fall is here. 4. Chair spray painted for Jackson’s two year old pictures! Gotta get some taken soon before this baby arrives. 5. Love my sweet husband for bringing us breakfast every Saturday morning after his breakfast with the boys!! 6. Enjoying a picnic on the deck and watching the air show

09.16.2012 – 09.29.2012