2012 in {Instagram} Photos: Week 35 & 36

IMG_4902   IMG_4904   IMG_4909

IMG_4916   IMG_4922   IMG_4925

1. Thank you @betsyking for the sweet note and stickers! You made this little girls day 🙂 2. Happy day in our mailbox!! 3 page letter from our sponsor kid, Justine! We have only written once. Maybe I should print my name more clearly this time 😉 please be praying for this sweet girl if you think of it! She said she is in need of lots of prayers! 3. Belly looking very large 🙂 almost 34 weeks and I’m do excited to meet this little one!! Heartbeat was 132 yesterday and the baby is positioned just like I thought. Its spine against mine just like the other two. 4. She had preschool orientation this morning and it may have been a little hard on me. Probably since she is the first. She is super excited to start next week and loves her teacher!! 5. Making caramel apples tonight. So ready for fall!! 6. Off to a party…Jocelyn loves painting cards for her friends 🙂

IMG_4933   IMG_4935   IMG_4940

IMG_4945   IMG_4947   IMG_4957  

1. Hello kitty face paint. She is in heaven!! 2. Butterfly balloon! 3. Getting ready for a big day tomorrow! Outfit and backpack are all laid out too. Bittersweet… 4. First day of school donuts! 5. She didn’t even know I was still there 😦 she will do great! 6. Fun date night with the hubs tonight! Thank you Learjet!

08.26.2012 – 09.08.2012

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