Jocelyn’s first day of Preschool

Last week, we had her orientation at her new school and she loved it, so I wasn’t the least bit worried that she would be scared or nervous. Today was the big day. We all woke up late, so we rushed around to get ready. I snapped a few photos on the porch before we left. I helped her choose her outfit last night before bed and we laid it all out with her backpack all ready to go.

      untitled-0226 web   untitled-0230 web

After some pictures, we headed to the donut shop for a fun first day treat. One of her best buddies, Anna, met us up there! When these girls get together, they are inseparable!

Untitled-1untitled-0248 web

After donuts, we headed to school. We got there a bit early so I could get some photos for her and all her friends!

      untitled-0256 web   untitled-0296 web

untitled-0261 web

untitled-0287 web

untitled-0404 web

She had an awesome day and didn’t even miss me. They learned about the letter P and she was so excited because she knows it stands for Phineas Smile That girl loves Phineas and Ferb!

And since I hadn’t shared her photos from her Back to School session that I took, here are some!

Untitled-1untitled-0300 copy

untitled-0306 copy

       untitled-0316 copy   untitled-0365 copy

untitled-0412 copy

These girls have so much fun together!

friends (5) web   friends (6) web


**This post brought to you by: Pregnancy insomnia, heartburn, and Braxton hicks contractions. Also the baby is most active between 11 pm – 12 am**

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