2012 in {Instagram} Photos: Week 32, 33, & 34

Since I am still awake, I will post my Instagram photos! Not very many in the month of August. The kids were gone a week and I have been lazy!

IMG_4827   IMG_4838   IMG_4844

IMG_4848   IMG_4857   IMG_4858

                          IMG_4875   IMG_4890

1. Little football game happening in the backyard on this beautiful day!! 2. Jackson loved his outfit I was taking the Back to school photos in! 3. We got to have Miss Sawyer hang out with us one night. Love this little lady. 4. Antique shopping with the kids…they did awesome! 5. Storyboard collage I made with Jackson’s photos. 6. Fun in a box. 7. We had a fun lunch at chuck e cheese after our oil change this morning. Trying to wear these kids out. 8. The things they choose to wear make me laugh. (BTW, yes Jackson is in big boy underwear thanks to my awesome Mother in Law. When they went to her house she potty trained him. I love that woman!)

08.05.2012 – 08.25.2012

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