Jackson takes swim lessons

Jackson started and finished swim lessons about a month ago (the same ones Jocelyn took two years ago). I am just now getting around to looking at the photos. Shows how far behind I am! The lighting at our recreation center pool isn’t that wonderful and I hate shooting with a flash. Just wanted these for memories Smile  He is a little fish and loves splashing, jumping, and even going under water. He was a natural!  We signed up for the evening class, so Justin got to take him every night. It was really fun for them to have this time together.

untitled-0004 web

untitled-0012 web

untitled-0028 copy

untitled-0032 copy

untitled-0047 web

He passed his class Winking smile

untitled-0056 web

Since then, we have been visiting our neighborhood pool a lot. I decided to take some pictures out there since the light is way better. Both the kids’ swimming skills have improved so much over the summer. They are pretty good all by themselves as long as they have their floaties on. I didn’t let Justin get to far from Jackson though.

          untitled-0466 copy   untitled-0526 copy

untitled-0559-2 copy

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