2012 in {Instagram} Photos: Week 30 & 31

IMG_4697   IMG_4701   IMG_4704

IMG_4720   IMG_4737   IMG_4745

1. 3 hour glucose test. (I passed!) 2. Missed bible study for my test, but catching up on the reading while I wait. 3. Brainstorming baby names. 4. Silly kids! 5. Super balance. 6. Getting better. HE loves this!

IMG_4750   photo (1)   IMG_4771  

IMG_4781   IMG_4784   IMG_4811  

IMG_4815   IMG_4816   photo (2)

1. Cake smash happening in my kitchen. 2. Sitting on the saddle at my cousin’s wedding. 3. Doing some light reading before my 30 week appointment. 4. Making play dough with her BFF. 5. fun colors. 6. 29w5d!!           7. through my shades…fun at Rock River Rapids. 8. drying off. 9. cousin sleepover!

07.22.2012 – 8.4.2012

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