2012 in {Instagram} Photos: Week 30 & 31

IMG_4697   IMG_4701   IMG_4704

IMG_4720   IMG_4737   IMG_4745

1. 3 hour glucose test. (I passed!) 2. Missed bible study for my test, but catching up on the reading while I wait. 3. Brainstorming baby names. 4. Silly kids! 5. Super balance. 6. Getting better. HE loves this!

IMG_4750   photo (1)   IMG_4771  

IMG_4781   IMG_4784   IMG_4811  

IMG_4815   IMG_4816   photo (2)

1. Cake smash happening in my kitchen. 2. Sitting on the saddle at my cousinโ€™s wedding. 3. Doing some light reading before my 30 week appointment. 4. Making play dough with her BFF. 5. fun colors. 6. 29w5d!!           7. through my shadesโ€ฆfun at Rock River Rapids. 8. drying off. 9. cousin sleepover!

07.22.2012 – 8.4.2012

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