2012 in {Instagram} Photos: Week 28 & 29

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1. worn out from swimming. 2. jackson’s first swim lessons…such a little fish! 3. she had to get four sealants and one filing, so she got to pick a reward for doing so great! she got an ice cream play dough maker. 4.  when he wakes up he usually yells, “momma, woo woo” {trying to whistle}. this time he had a trick to show me. time for a big boy bed! 5. such a happy boy! 6. loves ducks!

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1. she never naps. dance camp wore her out! 2. so proud she got her bridge tonight! 3. she got her first ribbon for her bridge. 4. she is super proud! 5. keeping cool at the mall play place while sis is at dance camp. 6. play dough with miss clara. 7. new dress for my cousins wedding. 27w6d. 8. he decided to sleep in. he has been doing so great in his big boy bed! 9. he loves his bed and apparently I love stripes!

07.08.2012 – 07.21.2012