2012 in {Instagram} Photos: Week 26 & 27

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1. Trip to the doctor called for some chips and guac baby’s heartbeat was 158. 2. balancing 3. swinging while we wait for the water to turn on at the splash pad. 4. this boy loves to swing. 5. already soaked! 6. he isn’t too sure about this! 7. hanging with me. 8. waiting for their nana to get off the plane. 9. photo prop shopping. glad my mom has the hook-ups in this town.

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1. 25w3d and love that my wild olive tee is super long.  2. enjoying fireworks from our bedroom window.         3. happy fourth! 4. red, white and blueberry fruit salad. 5. super excited for fireworks! 6. she loved lighting the smoke bombs.

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1. more smoke bombs. 2. so fun! 3. hot day at the botanica. 4. jack in a box…trying to stay busy. 5. celebrating our anniversary a day early and seeing the amazing spiderman with my amazing man.  6. so blessed I got to marry this wonderful man 5 years ago today! 07.07.07


06.24.2012 – 07.07.2012