2012 in {Instagram} Photos: Week 24 & 25

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1. quick stop at bass pro to see the fish before we head home from OKC. 2. jocelyn caught her first fish        3. kindermusik time. 4. helping make cookies…she got the fun part. 5. around and around they go. 6. helping him get his shoes and socks on after nap for some more bike riding. such a great big sister, even if his toes are “too wiggly” for her to do it. 7. test driving a van…we will be needing more room. 8. derby days parade.   9. jocelyn’s loot.

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1. she thinks she’s a dog…always on my lap. 2. – 9. derby days kid fest. jackson loved the petting zoo the best and jocelyn really loved the rides.

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1. father’s day at the pool. 2. little man has NO fear! 3. crafts at VBS. 4. he loves his kitty. 5. 24 weeks          6. enjoying breakfast and watching the planes fly in at the stearman field fly in. 7. we had fun making a card for her friend. 8. ready for the pool. 9. worn out…I love the weekend!

06.10.2012 – 06.23.2012