2012 in {Instagram} Photos: Week 23

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1. baby bump shadow. 2. breakfast with a princess. 3. #shereadstruth reading: psalm 59:4. 4. inspired this art print. 5. #shereadstruth reading: psalm 34. 6. she is so excited for gymnastics. 7. spray paint crazy.          8. dentist time. 9. love that he runs to me with his bible saying bible!

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1. her new backpack came in today for preschool this fall. she looks so tiny. can’t believe she will be in preschool!! 2. another kids chair spray painted. 3. so excited to see her uncle!! 4. view from our room!! excited for the game tonight. go redhawks! 5. Aunt Lauren made it! 6. we had SO much fun at the hotel pool. it had an awesome area for the kids with zero entry, a slide and water features.

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1. watching chris warm up from our room. 2. game time. 3. watching for fly balls. 4. daddy and jackson.         5. momma and jackson. 6. bedtime for the kids, so we are watching the rest of the game from our room.

06.03.2012 – 06.09.2012

Some of Aunt Lauren’s pictures from the weekend.