Summer Bucket List | 2012

Friday, I sat down with this sweet little girl and while she worked on puzzles, we talked about our Summer Bucket List!!

And we giggled and she got so excited about all the fun things we are planning to do. She even nixed some of my ideas (like to go to an outdoor concert). Maybe I will save that one for her daddy and me ūüôā

I saw a cute idea to take a photo of the activities you complete and then make a little flip book at the end of summer.  I hope I remember to get all the pictures.

Here is the list Jocelyn and I came up with:

Logan family bucket list | 2012

1. watch fireworks

2. visit cherry berry

3. go for a nature walk and collect treasures

4. bike rides

5. take a trip to Tulsa for Bridgett’s wedding

6. family game night

7. visit the pet store

8. go to a drive in movie

9. have a water balloon fight

10. mail a letter

11. go to the library

12. go to the waterpark

13. Jocelyn learn to recognize all the letters in the alphabet

14. family movie night

15. eat watermelon

16. go camping

17. make homemade ice cream

18. make our own play dough

19. take a night walk with flashlights

20. zoo trip with daddy

21. bubbles

22. fly a kite

23. go get donuts

24. do something kind for a stranger

25. make homemade popsicles

26. do something nice for our neighbors

27. make strawberry shortcake cupcakes

28. go to the playground

29. have a lemonade stand and donate the money

30. make our own pizza night

31. sidewalk chalk

32.  see Uncle Chris play baseball in okc

33. go swimming

34. exploration place

35. potty train Jackson (this may or may not happen, but it is good to have goals)

36. derby days

37. osage park splash park