2012 in {Instagram} Photos: Week 22

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1. sunday morning cartoons. 2. just picked Justin up from the airport.  can’t wait to live at one someday.         3. pool time. 4. fun new fabrics. 5. first gifts for the baby from Goodnight Mouse…love this etsy shop and sweet Jessica sent me the cute bear hat as a gift! Thank You friend!! 6. bath time.

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1. excited to use these burp cloths when the baby gets here! 2. excited to see “her” baby. sonogram today…still not finding out the gender. 3. waiting to go in for the sonogram. 4. the baby looks great and the gender is still unknown. 5. planning our summer bucket list while she does puzzles. 6. ready to get in…sorry, but his little dimpled bum is too cute! 7. justin made water balloons. 8. bike lessons with daddy. 9. mr. independent.

05.27.2012 – 06.02.2012