three and a half

as of two days ago {sigh} and looks so grown up! I can’t wait for her to be a big sister again. She has done great so far and I know she will be even a bigger help this time. She has such a kind and giving heart!

DSC_0306-2 web

Just a little about her right now at this moment in her life: She has finally decided to start making her own bed and is SO proud. She actually does an amazing job. She gets herself dressed {you can tell when she chooses her outfit, because it is usually sweatpants and a Toy Story t-shirt, sometimes with a tutu} and brushes her teeth {although I do double check she is getting all the “germs”}. She is also writing the letters P and F without any reference (because of Phineas and Ferb}. She can also do J,B, and O. We are hoping to get the rest down before she starts preschool in the Fall. She starts Kindermusik and gymnastics next week and is super excited. Love this little girl who made me a Momma and gave me the best job in the world! She brings me so much joy!