Boy or Girl…

…we still don’t know. We went in to the doctor yesterday for my sonogram and 21 week appointment. The sonogram went wonderful and our baby looks healthy and for that I am so grateful. I love seeing the little one moving around in my belly and the cute little profile view. Here are some photos from the sonogram.

Little arms and hands






The baby’s heartbeat was 132 at the sonogram and then 148 when I went into my appointment. It was also measuring a little big and she said October 8th. They still kept my due date at 10.11.12 though. It was really hard not finding out the gender on this girl who likes a plan, so I am still sitting here wondering.  A couple of my friends who are due right around me are just finding out.  One is having a boy and one a girl. I still think ours is a boy.  So excited to find out; only 19 weeks to go Smile 

I tried to get a photo of my belly. It was really hard for me to get a good angle, but I think this serves its purpose. Thank goodness for mirrors.

21 weeks 1 day

untitled-0399 bw copy