2012 in {Instagram} Photos: Week 21

IMG_3977   IMG_3978   IMG_3993

IMG_3994   IMG_3942   IMG_3995

1. belly is getting big…19w3d. 2. the king while dad is at work. 3. she is finally liking her bike. 4. new favorite thing…fist bump. 5. cereal on the deck. 6. i love her eyes!

IMG_3974   IMG_3996   IMG_3997

IMG_3975   IMG_3961   IMG_3998

IMG_3999   IMG_3976   IMG_3971

1. he loves his rain boots from nana. 2. playing with moon sand on the patio. messy but fun! 3. moon sand = 8 cups flour + 1 cup baby oil. 4. yay 20 weeks…only 20 more to go until we find out boy or girl….plus starting to feel kicking from the outside.  5. he loves mam maw’s sandbox. 6. building a gazebo for their momma.       7. daddy’s copilot. 8.setting up for grannie and paw paw’s 50th anniversary party. 9. saw the avengers and we loved it!.

05.20.2012 – 05.26.2012

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