2012 in {Instagram} Photos: Week 20

IMG_3828   IMG_3830   IMG_3839

IMG_3840   IMG_3841   IMG_3850

IMG_3856   IMG_3858   IMG_3853

1. on mother’s day we headed to lunch at salty dog. love their hushpuppies! 2. we then made it to the beach and started to build a sandcastle…the tide came in really quick though. 3. belly at the beach…18w3d.          4. I could live at the beach. 5. he loves to dig. 6. best italian ice ever at frosty’s. 7. her little freckles are starting to come out. 8. we loved having our toes in the sand. 9. worn out!

IMG_3862   IMG_3865   IMG_3873

IMG_3880   IMG_3884   IMG_3900

IMG_3907   IMG_3910   IMG_3914

1. 20 hour drive home….we made it in 19 and the kids were awesome. justin drove for all but 3 hours! 2. made it to georgia. 3. and alabama. 4. keeping busy playing peek-a-boo. 5. mississippi. 6. everyone is happy we are home! 7. jocelyn and I made homemade ice cream in a bag following this recipe. 8. really yummy…melted quickly. 9. justin got us donuts saturday morning since he had to go into work.

05.13.2012 – 05.19.2012

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