2012 in {Instagram} Photos: Week 19

First I wanted to share the finished wall calendar. Still need to finish adding the verse to the top.


Now for last weeks photos…all from our vacation

IMG_3680   IMG_3682   IMG_3683

IMG_3694   IMG_3696   IMG_3700

1. ready for a road trip. 2. map of our trip…we drove from 6pm{cst}-10am{est}. 3. hello oklahoma! 4. quick gas stop outside of memphis. 5. stopped in birmingham because Jocelyn got sick from playing on the ipad…I was sleeping, so its not my fault Smile. 6. we made it to nana and papa’s house! 15 hours in the car.

IMG_3701   IMG_3711   IMG_3712

IMG_3713   IMG_3716   IMG_3717

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1. lunch at zaxbys…i’m a happy girl! 2. playing at nana’s work. she has the best job! 3. ball pit. 4. he loved bouncing. 5. and he enjoyed the ball pit as long as nana was with him. 6. chuck e cheese for dinner per jocelyn’s request. 7. skee ball. 8. round and round. 9. justin is a big kid!

IMG_3737   IMG_3751   IMG_3756

IMG_3757   IMG_3760   IMG_3762

1. checking out the penguins at the georgia aquarium. 2. we loved walking through the tunnel and seeing the huge fish swimming over our heads. 3. more fish. 4. jellys. 5. headed to hilton head and taking a quick stop for dinner. 6. we made it to nana and papa’s cottage.

IMG_3764   IMG_3765   IMG_3768

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1. headed to the pool. 2. so relaxing. 3. jocelyn was a little fish. 4. he loved wearing sis’s hat. 5. my handsome boys. 6. family ready for a boat ride/rehearsal dinner. 7. worn out after 3 hours on the boat. 8. building me a mother’s day gift. 9. finished picture frame planter…i love lowes.

IMG_3799   IMG_3800   IMG_3802

IMG_3804   IMG_3812   IMG_3815

1. megan + tyler’s beach wedding. 2. everything was so beautiful! 3. such a fun and relaxing night together. 4. getting crazy and drinking way too many shirley temples. 5. I love string lights. 6. father daughter dance.

05.06.2012 – 05.12.2012

{more instagram photos and real photos from the vacation coming soon}