2012 in {Instagram} Photos: Week 18

Lots of pictures this week!!

IMG_3523   IMG_3524   IMG_3525

IMG_3534   IMG_3535   IMG_3536

IMG_3537   IMG_3541   IMG_3547

1. enjoying ice cream cones on the porch. 2. love sundays! 3. he loves anything with a switch. 4. headed to the park with my boy. 5. love his little toes in his flip flops. 6. & 7. progress on the chalk board calendar wall. 8. little friends 9. we had a fun morning.

IMG_3554   IMG_3565   IMG_3568

IMG_3571   IMG_3572   IMG_3582

IMG_3583   IMG_3591   IMG_3592

1. he loves the piano app on the ipad. future pianist. 2. waiting for my 17 week dr appointment and enjoying a little peace thanks to a friend watching the kids. 3. sono scheduled in 4 weeks. can’t wait to see this little one! 4. an early birthday celebration at kobe steakhouse. 5. all the vitamins that come with me being pregnant.    6. 17 weeks. this picture is a little deceiving, don’t think i look this big yet. 7. waiting for our car to be serviced. 8. yummy donuts at the donut whole. 9. he loves them!!

IMG_3602   IMG_3604   IMG_3609

IMG_3610   IMG_3617   IMG_3626

IMG_3634   IMG_3639   IMG_3643

                       IMG_3649   IMG_3652

1. checking out her reflection. 2. the sugar from the donuts has kicked in. 3. birthday flowers from my mom and dad. 4. and a card and gift card from my baby brother and sister in law. 5. ready to work cattle. 6. babies. 7. my little helper. 8. enjoying rides. 9. jackson looks so much like my hubby. 10. she had such a busy day with her dino. 11. brushin teeth.

04.29.2012 – 05.05.2012

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