2012 in {Instagram} Photos: Week 16

IMG_3406   IMG_3407   IMG_3408

IMG_3427   IMG_3428   IMG_3418

1. ready to watch her uncle’s team play…go hooks! 2. enjoying the game. 3. his first minor league game…he didn’t really sit still. 4. jocelyn and myranda. 5. jocelyn and great grandma hicks. thanks bridgett for the last two photos!! 6. he decided it would be fun to put yogurt in his hair, we had to leave right after breakfast, he got a mohawk!

IMG_3424   IMG_3429   IMG_3436

IMG_3437   IMG_3445   IMG_3451

IMG_3452   IMG_3455   IMG_3461

1. 18 month check up. big boy! 2. lots of laundry to put away! 3. snow cones with my favorite little girl. 4. strawberry kiwi…yum. 5. feeding goats at the zoo. 6. s’mores! 7. roasting giant marshmallows. 8. friends.      9. such a fun night with my best friend and her family!

A few more photos from our night at April’s. I borrowed these from her Smile

  • IMG_3462  IMG_3463  IMG_3464 


04.15.2012 – 04.21.2012

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