2012 in {Instagram} Photos: Week 15

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1. got 1/3 of the first coat painted on the porch rails. 2. yummy virgin strawberry daiquiri for my late night snack. 3. I cannot get enough of his face! 4. I love being at the nursery 5. and so do they! 6. my little flower. 7. buggy rides at kohl’s. 8. sibling love. 9. we love play dates with sweet friends!

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1. we were in wichita, during lunch time, I couldn’t resist. 2. hope they are always this sweet! 3. baby bump @ 14w1d. 4. ugh, locked my keys in the car, an hour before we need to leave coffeyville for tulsa. this nice man came to our rescue for $40. 5. love driving at nap time! 6. jessica + kenny’s wedding. had to buy new shoes for this because I somehow packed one black heel and one brown heel. I apparently left my brain at home too Smile

04.08.2012 – 04.14.2012