2012 in {Instagram} Photos: Week 14

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1. Baby bump at 12w3d. 2. & 3. New haircut for Spring. 4. My view…it was actually so relaxing! 5. Until Jocelyn busted her head on our flower bed wall while trying to pet a frog. Lots of blood and tears! 6. 13 week appointment went great and the baby’s heartbeat was 148.

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1. Out to lunch with my kiddos. 2. Baby bump at 13w1d…thinking I’ve got a baby boy in there. 3. We got to go to Kobe for dinner. 4. I love the soup. 5. and fried rice. 6. Jocelyn loves to watch them cook!

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1. Getting ready to hunt some eggs. 2. We won the giveaway! 3. Finally eating healthier popcorn! 4. Jackson won a Cherry Berry T-shirt!

04.01.2012 – 04.07.2012