2012 in {Instagram} Photos: Week 13

IMG_3201   IMG_3203   IMG_3210

IMG_3218   IMG_3219   IMG_3220

1. New sparkly nail polish. 2. We had such a fun day at the Zoo and so glad I took my real camera! 3. She is trying to show Jackson how to play go fish Smile. 4. He LOVES yogurt! 5. Playing so nicely. I enjoyed a few moments of peace. 6. PW twice baked potatoes are so good!

IMG_3225   IMG_3226   IMG_3227

                           IMG_3228   IMG_3229

1. Getting ready for girls weekend and enjoying some pretty flowers I bought. 2. Some wonderful friends (April and Tamara) helped me start priming the porch while they were over. Thank you girls!! 3. Shannon cooked for us all weekend and it was AMAZING! 4. Watching/ hiding my eyes from the KU/ Ohio State game. I was a nervous wreck! 5. April and Tamara making some awesome Growth charts we found on Pinterest.

03.25.2012 – 03.31.2012

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