2012 in {Instagram} Photos: Week 12

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1. Helping himself to some raisins. 2. They love baths in the big bathtub! 3. & 4. Finger painting time that turned into hand painting. 5. The kids slept in late = I got to sleep in late. 6. We had a yummy lunch on Wednesday.

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1. She loves the Old Navy dog. 2. Burning off some energy at the Mall play area. 3. Jackson tried to get a tissue for his nose. He came back with the whole roll Smile 4. Was able to get up early and spend sometime in the Word. 5. Lego time. 6. Baby Bump starting to show…11w2d.

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1. Pedicures with Jocelyn. 2. She sat in the same chair as me and loved dipping her toes in the water. 3. She picked pink for her toes. I would have never guessed Winking smile. 4. All finished and feeling very refreshed! 5. The boys working on the murphy bed for my office. 6. Uncle Curtis reading Jocelyn bedtime stories.

We had a great and busy week!!

03.18.2012 – 03.24.2012