2012 in {Instagram} Photos: Week 10 + 11

IMG_3067   IMG_3127   IMG_3128

IMG_3070   IMG_3074   IMG_3081

1. Play date with Elayna. 2. & 3. Getting to see baby 3 for the first time! 4. Saying prayers at lunch time. Jocelyn has been doing really good at coming up with her own prayers. 5. I love having a napping buddy.      6. Finishing the rest of Daddy’s birthday cake. He wanted to lick the plate like big sister!

IMG_3088   IMG_3101   IMG_3103

IMG_3111   IMG_3129   IMG_3141

1. Got out the guitar…want to start trying to learn again! 2. Snuggles 3. Shopping for doors for my office.     4. Swimming baby in the tub. 5. We love Chicken Pot Pie! 6. We made fruit kabobs at cooking.

IMG_3142   IMG_3143   IMG_3146

IMG_3153   IMG_3154   IMG_3155

1. Chick fil A is finally open and we went on the opening day. I am crazy! 2. Jackson got a little cow. 3. I am a happy girl!! 4. Jocelyn getting excited for her photos with the bunny. 5. Jackson enjoying a Derby girl’s soccer game and some milk. 6. Baby chicks all ready for the camera.

03.04.12 – 03.17.12

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