2012 in {Instagram} Photos: Week 9

Late with the photos…again

IMG_3013   IMG_3016   IMG_3023

IMG_3030   IMG_3033   IMG_3039

1. & 2. We finally pulled out one of the Christmas gift from my parents and the kids really enjoyed their OJ popsicles. 3. Bedtime stories. 4. So tired he passed out while eating lunch 5. Attempting to perfect my CCC recipe. 6. Yummy apples we took to the park for a picnic.

IMG_3046   IMG_3047   IMG_3051

IMG_3061   IMG_3062   IMG_3063

1. Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss. 2. Justin turns 28 and my sweet friend, April, made these cookies for him. 3. They are his favorite!! He did get a cake and I will put up more pictures soon 4. Jocelyn got a new ball and pink glove. My baby brother also left for Spring Training this day, so we also did some Spring Training. 5. She caught it!! 6. Such a fun Daddy!

02.26.12 – 03.03.12

One thought on “2012 in {Instagram} Photos: Week 9

  1. Grandpa jim says:

    Love the latest pics and news……Isaac is not a J….!!!??? Grandma and I are very happy for you that your family is growing. Very proud of both of you…..grandpa Jim

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