2012 in {Instagram} Photos: Week 8

Totally forgot to put up last weeks photos…here they are

IMG_2911   IMG_2922   IMG_2928

IMG_2934   photo (1)   IMG_2950

IMG_2951   IMG_2961   IMG_2962

1. Pedicure time! 2. Quiet book page in progress. 3. & 4.  Jocelyn and Jackson are home!! 5. Loving these stamps. 6. Jocelyn enjoying some TV for taking a great nap. 7. It was a PJ kind of day! 8. Doing her morning exercises. 9. And stopping to give me a sweet smile.

IMG_2966   IMG_2980   IMG_2979

IMG_2985   IMG_2992   IMG_2993

IMG_3001   IMG_3006   IMG_3007

1. They play so good together when they think I’m not watching. 2. & 3. Enjoying a beautiful day at the park.  4. Fun strawberry straws for Jocelyn’s milk. 5. & 6. On a walk. 7. He loves his retro rocket! 8. Daddy and Jackson headed to the park. 9. Digging in the dirt.

02.19.12 – 02.25.12