Quiet Book, pg 5

My kids were gone this weekend, so I had a chance to work on Jocelyn’s quiet book. I had put it away for awhile (like 2 years!) and finally pulled it out again. I plan on adding two more pages to what I got done this weekend and then a cover. Then I can start with Jackson’s (and I actually have one of his pages done already).

For this page, I made a girl with hair so she can put bows in and learn to braid. She can also count the beads on her necklace. I didn’t follow a template or anything for this. Just pretty much winged it, so it isn’t perfect or really that pretty, but I know Jocelyn will enjoy it!

DSC_0015 web

DSC_0017 web

DSC_0018 web

DSC_0019 web

I will blog the other page I finished this weekend when I finish the page that goes with it Smile