2012 in {Instagram} Photos: Week 7

IMG_2839   IMG_2842   IMG_2854

IMG_2862   IMG_2863   IMG_2866

1. & 2. Justin starting to frame my office. 3. All set up for a fun Valentine breakfast. 4. Heart pancakes, bananas, and eggs. 5. Such a happy girl!! 6. Lunch date with my mini Valentine!

IMG_2876   IMG_2881   IMG_2882

IMG_2892   IMG_2893   IMG_2901

IMG_2903   IMG_2905   IMG_2910

1. Heart Breaker. 2. She felt very special. Daddy got her a singing card, flowers and a bear for Valentines Day! 3. Little love. 4. & 5. Having a blast in the Foam pit. 6. Jocelyn’s flowers bloomed. 7. Sleeping in because the kids were away. 8. Justin had knee surgery. I got these pictures from the Doctor. Not really sure what everything is. 9. Taking care of the crippled hubby and getting him his favorite drink.

02.12.2012 – 02.18.2012

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