2012 in {Instagram} Photos: Week 6

IMG_2696   IMG_2703   IMG_2709

IMG_2728   IMG_2744   IMG_2745

IMG_2767   IMG_2781   IMG_2783

1. 10 am on Sunday morning. We are all ready for church. 2. Mr. Mischief. 3. Driving home from Coffeyville. Love his little lips. 4. Jackson and Bob = Best buds. He also loves to say Bob. 5. Trying to catch snowflakes. 6. Sad the snow is not sticking 7. Jocelyn making Valentines for her friends at school. 8. She is my sunshine. 9. Finally got Jackson a book with pictures from his first couple months of life.

IMG_2787   IMG_2807   IMG_2822

IMG_2823   IMG_2826   IMG_2830

1. Left our snowman wreath on the front door in hopes that we will have some snow that will stick.  2. We got some that night! 3. Jocelyn taking my picture. 4. Making pizzas 5. I love freshly squeezed lemonade 6. Nightly game. This time they are playing memory.

02.05.2012 – 02.11.2012

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