2012 in {Instagram} Photos: Week 4

photo (1)   photo (2)   photo (3)

photo (4)   IMG_2442   IMG_2453

1. The new Panera Bread with a Drive Thru opened! And I only have to drive a few minutes to get it.              2. Playing so nicely. 3. She loves going to “school!” 4. Her friend Anna stopped by and they got the case of the giggles. 5. She is so proud of the outfit she chose.  6. Morning Devotional with the kids. My sweet friend Dacia told me about this book.

IMG_2495   IMG_2500   IMG_2515

IMG_2519   IMG_2522   IMG_2530

IMG_2528   IMG_2534   IMG_2533  

1. Having fun at Block Fest  2. Kids in the kitchen. We headed over to a friend’s for a nutrition lesson.              3. Enjoying some time at the library. 4. Yummy snack for Justin: Yogurt + Granola + Blueberries. 5. On our way to KC to visit some of my college buddies. 6. & 7. We stopped at Chick–fil-A and had a snack and played in the play area. Jackson enjoyed dipping his fries. 8. & 9. Had so much fun catching up and playing games.

01.22.2012 – 01.28.2012

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