2012 in {Instagram} Photos: Weeks 1-3

I have been trying to take a photo everyday with my phone using Instagram.  I love Instagram and all the many filters they provide for your pictures. I just wanted to share some of my favorite photos from January. There are lots!! Check out more of my Instagram photos here: http://followgram.me/jenllogan or click on the Instagram tab on the left side bar. I am going to do this every week, but for now I will get caught up with the first three weeks of January.

IMG_2102   IMG_2107   IMG_2116

IMG_2118   IMG_2125   IMG_2130

1. They love spending time with Paw Paw. 2. Justin as a kid. 3. Out to eat with the kids by myself. 4. I love Neives’ in Winfield, KS. 5. Jocelyn drawing on her Aquadoodle. 6. Really cute sparkly heels from Target.

IMG_2137   IMG_2139   IMG_2147

IMG_2151   IMG_2162   IMG_2172

1. Jocelyn’s first eye appointment. She has 20/20 vision. 2. Lunch on the lawn. We had such a beautiful January day. 3. He has been trying to take pictures 4. Sweet moment. She was reading to him. 5 Candy Land! She and Justin play this every night as long as she takes her nap. 6. Jackson filling his Piggy bank.

IMG_2170   IMG_2171   IMG_2181

IMG_2183   IMG_2198   IMG_2202

1. & 2. Getting ready to help Justin change the oil in the car. She needed her coveralls on too. 3. My baptism certificate came!! 4. My sweet husband knows me so well. 5. Letter S made for Sawyer’s baby shower. 6. She played with her animals in this bucket all morning.

IMG_2210   IMG_2225   IMG_2229

IMG_2272   IMG_2278   IMG_2282

1. & 6. Practicing scooping skills. 2. All set up for Annie + Sawyer’s baby shower. 3. Justin sent me this while I was at the baby shower. They are so cute! 4. & 5. Jesus loves you snow much! A fun little event for the families with young kids at our church. Jocelyn bounced forever!

IMG_2294   IMG_2302   IMG_2308

IMG_2337   IMG_2338   IMG_2346

1. Bath time! 2. He loves any shoes or slippers 3. Mom + Jackson time while Jocelyn is at school

4. & 5. She is looking at her photos. Such a cute little chub. 6. Trying to perfect my braiding. I will get there.

I will share this week’s photos on Sunday Smile

01.01.2012 – 01.21.2012