Christmas 2011

We were so glad to have Justin’s side of the family come to our house for Christmas this year.  Justin’s parents, Grannie + Paw Paw, his little brother Curtis, and his middle brother John + his family all came. Christmas Eve we all went to our candlelight service at church and then we let the kids open one gift before bed. They all got new pajamas.

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The next morning, we opened stockings. Jocelyn and Jackson got a nativity and Veggie Tales: St. Nick movie, with a few other fun things. Then we opened gifts. Justin and I did stick to the three gifts this year. My kids were spoiled, but not by us. We got them each an ornament, a pair of jammies (that they opened Christmas Eve), and Jackson got a book and Jocelyn got a memory game + candy land. My favorite memory that morning was hearing Jocelyn randomly shout out in the middle of opening presents “Happy Birthday Jesus!” My dear friend and her Sunday School teacher, had been telling the kids to do this when they opened their gifts. So sweet!

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After we opened gifts, Justin, Paw Paw and I headed to Old town while everyone else ate breakfast. Mammaw made an extra breakfast casserole and some biscuits for us to take. We drove around and around with not much luck at finding people at first. No one was at the park that day and there weren’t many out walking around.


Finally, the 4th person we came across gave us a tip. He said on Sundays someone brings the homeless sack lunches over by the library and that they’d be waiting there. Sure enough they were and we were able to pass out all of our food. Paw Paw also brought along some New Testament bibles to hand out as well. We even got to meet the people that passed out the lunches and exchanged information so we could help in the future. So glad God showed us the way that day!


We got back to the house later and enjoyed watching the kids play with their new things.

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And we tried to get a family photo…

DSC_0650 copy

…and some of all the kids together (that didn’t work so well)!

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I hope you had all had a very Merry Christmas!!