A Birthday Party + A Christmas Party

The weekend after Jocelyn’s Build A Bear party, her buddy Graham had his party (They are a year and 2 days apart) and Justin had his work Christmas Party. We had lots of fun at both!

Happy 2nd Birthday Graham!

DSC_0496 web


DSC_0510 web

DSC_0527 web

DSC_0543 web

Justin’s work party is amazing every year. Free food, tons and tons of games, bouncy houses, and rides. The kids love it. And I love the cotton candy and snow cones Smile

DSC_0561 web  DSC_0598 web

The picture I took of them with Santa this year wasn’t great, but still funny Smile 2010 on the left


Jackson did not love the carousel at first, but he warmed up.

DSC_0617 web

DSC_0638 web

Jocelyn loved it of course!

DSC_0624 web

DSC_0604 web

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